Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura Chakra

The Manipura Chakra is the third of the seven primary chakras that are present within the elusive body of every individual, and it is known by a number of other names as well. Some of the other common names of this chakra are the Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipurak, Nabhi Chakra, and the Power Chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra Location



The most precise location of the Solar Plexus Chakra is around the Solar Plexus level of the body, which lies between the lower part of the chest and the navel area. The presence of this chakra in this region makes it integral to the functioning of the digestive system, and in the secretion of various digestive juices that are essential for healthy metabolism.




The appearance of the Manipura Chakra 3 is usually that of a circle with ten petals around it, while a downward pointing triangle is present at the center. The triangle represents the fire elements, while the ten petals signify the ten Pranas or mental afflictions that may affect the Solar Plexus.


Seed Mantra:

Solar Plexus Chakra Ram mantra

The seed mantra of the Manipura Stomach Chakra is the syllable RAM, with the dot above it containing the deity Rudra, and his consort or Shakti, Goddess Lakini. A number of other syllables are present on the petals that surround the central circle of this chakra.



The Solar Plexus Chakra plays the important role of aiding in the development of will power, as well as, various mental abilities in any person. This Manipura Chakra renders individuals with a feeling of power, as well as, a sense of responsibility towards various aspects of their lives. Fire is the element representing this chakra, while also symbolizing the urge to move forward and realize desires and intentions. This chakra enables individuals to pursue their dreams, as well as, provides them with direction in their lives. People also become aware of their social standings under the influence of this Solar Plexus Chakra.


Association with the body:

The Manipura Chakra also known as Nabhi Chakra, is integrally associated with the digestive system of the body and the secretion of various digestive juices in particular. It exerts enormous influence upon the gastric and hypogastric plexi of the body, which are closely associated with the conversion of food materials into energy for use as fuel in the body. The gland most closely associated with this chakra is the pancreas gland, and this chakra plays an important role in the control of various metabolic processes in body with the metabolism of carbohydrate in particular.


Behavioral Characteristics:

The main behavioral characteristics controlled by the Manipura Chakra 3 are the ability to dream, and take decisive actions to turn that dream into reality. Proper functioning of this chakra is essential to make an individual capable of expressing their own will, and not being swayed by the whims and discretion of others. This chakra also helps individuals in developing an accounting and organized mind, which enables them to categorize and count everything in their life. Individuals will discover their personal power, and lead life on their own terms to realize their goals when this chakra functions in an optimal manner.



Any imbalances in the functioning of the Manipura Stomach Chakra can result in excessive control over people and environment when it becomes overactive. On the other hand, any impediment to the flow of energy through this chakra manifests in the form of a feeling of helplessness and irresponsibility. Moreover, such impediments give rise to a general feeling of absence of direction while pursuing goals, as well as, a markedly clear lack of ambition in life. Any excessive flow of energy through the Manipura Chakra can on the contrary result in the presence of a manipulative nature, as well as, a tendency to misuse power.



The meditative practices aimed at rectifying the imbalances in the functioning of the Manipura Chakra seek to get rid of the feeling of helplessness or obsessiveness, as might be the case, to help individuals lead balanced lives. Thus, the meditations tend to be of the empowering type, and they help individuals in taking stock of their lives from the perspective of a third person. This helps in developing a more profound perspective in individuals, and for them to get rid of all the negative thoughts and actions, which result in the development of such a feeling of helplessness.


Manipura Chakra Yoga Poses:


Child Pose:

Child Pose YogaThe Child Pose is essentially a resting pose, which helps in preparing the body for more strenuous exercises to follow by helping build stamina. This is one of the basic yogic postures aimed at helping enhancing the functioning of the Manipura Chakra, and it involves sitting on the heels with the knees on the floor. Individuals need to try and pull their hips and tailbone towards the heels, while curling their body forward and extending the arms forward or relaxing them by their sides all the while.


Triangle Pose Yoga

Triangle Pose:

The Triangle Pose is an excellent exercise to strengthen the core set of muscles, which are integral to the fitness and health of any individual. This exercise involves standing with both feet wide apart, and the two arms stretched outwards. Practitioners of this pose then need to move their right arm towards the floor and the left one towards the ceiling, but keeping their legs straight all the while. This exercise will prove ideal for providing strength to the abdominal region, and in this process enhance the functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra.


Revolved Triangle Pose

Revolved Triangle Pose:

The Revolved Triangle Pose is one of the twisting poses, which can be quite helpful in reliving much of the spinal tension, while also massaging the organs of the belly to get rid of the various toxins. Practitioners need to continue from their Triangle Pose by twisting their chest towards the floor, while turning their head backwards. This will help in pushing the Solar Plexus Chakra wide open, and in the process enhance the flow of energy through it.


Side Angle Pose yogaSide Angle Pose:

The Side Angle Pose is another greater yogic exercise for enhancing the strength of the core group of muscles. Practitioners can begin this exercise by standing with their feet wide apart, much like what they do while doing the Triangle Pose, and then lower the right hand towards the floor while bending the right knee inwards towards the triangle. This is an excellent Stomach Chakra 3 exercise for improving flexibility and stamina of the abdominal region, and consequently improves the functioning of the chakras present in the vicinity.


Warrior Pose 2

Warrior Pose 2:

The Warrior Pose 2 is about improving the strength of the upper legs and the lower back, and in the process enhance the functioning of the Manipura Chakra 3. This pose begins with legs wide apart and the arms stretched at the sides. The practitioners need to pivot their heel in either the right or left directions, and the entire pose follows in that direction. The knees on the right or left leg bends accordingly, while the practitioners turn their heads in that direction as well, but maintaining straight alignment of their bodies all the while.



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