Root Chakra – Muladhara Chakra

Root Chakra – Muladhara Chakra

The Muladhara Chakra is the 1st chakra of the seven primary chakras present in the subtle body of every individual, and it is known by a number of other names such as Root Chakra, Red Chakra, 1st Chakra, and Adhara as well. Its name signifies its role and position as the base of the chakra system.

Root Chakra


The Muladhara Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine in the body, with its corresponding position being the perineum, and being present along the first three vertebrae at the pelvic plexus. Moreover, it is visualized as a cone that runs downwards in a slightly bent form from the base of the spine.






The Muladhara Chakra (Red Chakra) appears to be a circle with four petals on its periphery, as well as, a downward pointing triangle within the circle. This downward pointing triangle signifies the connection that this chakra serves as between an individual and Mother Earth.


Seed Mantra:

Lam Mantra

The seed mantra or syllable of the Muladhara Chakra 1 is the syllable LAM, while the bindu or dot above the letter is the residence of the deity Brahma who is the Father of all creation. Along with Brahma, his Shakti resides within the dot.



The Root Chakra serves as the base of the chakra system below the Sacral Chakra, and provides individuals with a sense of identity regarding their physical and spiritual self. This chakra serves as the foundation upon which all the other finer aspects of a person’s character develops from, and its functioning is essential to make people feel safe about their life in general. Proper functioning of the Muladhara Chakra is essential to keep a person grounded, as well as, make them aware regarding the importance of self-preservation.


Association with the body:

The Muladhara Chakra is closely associated with the coccygeal plexus, at the base of the spine, as well as, the perineum near the anus. Moreover, it shares an intimate association with the functioning of the excretory system in the body, which makes it even more related to the anus. In addition to that, this Muladhara Chakra is also associated with the sense of smell, which makes it associated with the nose in the upper half of the body. Therefore, this chakra enjoys deep association to both halves of the body.


Behavioral Characteristics:

Proper functioning of the Chakra 1 manifests in the form of an assured approach towards life, as well as, as the ability to stay grounded under all circumstances. Individuals with proper flow of energy through the 1st chakra are very much aware of the needs of daily existence, as well as, what they must do in order to ensure self-preservation. People also feel in connection with their physical self, and are able to experience all the feelings that come with the possession of a physical self. Thus, individuals are able to ensure their survival, and thrive under every situation when this chakra is in order.



Imbalances in the functioning of the Red Chakra can manifest in form of an extreme sense of insecurity and vulnerability in people with any impediment in the flow of energy through this Mooladhara Chakra. Individuals can begin to consider everything as a potential threat, and become paranoid about their very existence. On the other hand, any over activation in the working of this Mooladhara Chakra is likely result in the manifestation of a feeling of excessive greed and illusion, as well as, too much cynicism towards life. It can also lead to issues with food intake, and diet related concerns in individuals.



The Root Chakra serves as the base of the chakra system, and the connection that all individuals possess with the Mother Earth. Thus, meditative practices aimed at ensuring its optimal functioning seek to keep individuals focused and grounded. The meditative processes involve sitting in a comfortable pose on the ground, and focusing upon the presence of the vast earth under one’s body. Simultaneously, uttering the seed mantra, and making the Earth Mudra also helps in connecting with the vital energy emanating from the earth, and bolstering the flow of this energy through the base of the chakra system to awake it.


Muladhara Chakra Yoga Poses:

Mountain Pose Yoga

Mountain Pose:

The Mountain Pose is an excellent choice to activate the flow of energy through the Root Chakra by making the body feel connected with the ground below the feet. This pose consists of standing on the ground, with the feet shoulder width apart or together, while the hands remain in the prayer position or above the head. Practitioners need to feel the flow of energy from the ground through their entire system, and in the process awakening the inner self.



tree pose yoga

Tree Pose:

The Tree Pose involves starting out in the Mountain Pose, and then standing on one leg while balancing the other feet against the thigh or calf muscle of the standing leg. While doing this exercise, practitioners can keep their hands in the prayer position, by their side, on above their head, but they must remember to perform this exercise on both sides. This is an excellent exercise for activating the Red Chakra 1 by keeping in touch with the ground, while also benefiting from the enhanced balance of the body.



Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend:

The Standing Forward Bend is an excellent exercise for stretching the spine, and providing adequate workout to both halves of the body. It consists of standing in the Mountain Pose, and stretching the hands over the head, and then bending forward to bring the hands to the floor beside the feet. This exercise can help in activating the Muladhara Chakra by keeping the body touching with the ground, while also ensuring that the entire length of the body gains a useful stretch.



Eagle pose yoga

Eagle Pose:

The Eagle Pose starts with the Mountain Pose, but then requires the practitioners to cross one side of their body over the other. This becomes possible by crossing the left leg over the other, while also crossing the left arm from that side of the body under the other arm, and then grabbing hold of the wrist of the other arm. However, practitioners need to ensure that they keep their spine straight at all times, which is necessary to keep the Muladhara Chakra 1, activated for the duration of this exercise.



Standing Half lotus

Standing Half Lotus:

The Standing Half Lotus pose is another excellent exercise for activating the Muladhara Chakra 1, and it involves starting out in the Tree Pose, and then pulling the uplifted feet even higher towards the hip. Practitioners must ensure that they keep the knee of the lifted feet and their tailbone pointing towards the ground at all times, while they can extend their hands to the side to gain balance. Finally, they can keep their hands in the prayer position or extend them upwards above their head.



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