Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

The chakras serve as the portal for the flow of the vital energy through the subtle body of every individual, and any blockage that leads to impediments in the flow of this energy can produce a number of unwanted consequences in the life of those affected individuals. Similarly, the chakras can also become overactive, and this can lead to malfunctioning of the major chakras as well, which are seven in number, and result in development of unwanted behavioral and physical traits in individuals. Thus, the importance of chakra healing is essential for taking care of all such discrepancies in the proper functioning of the chakra system.



Chakra Healing Meditation


Several meditative practices are extremely effective in opening up blocked chakras and balancing their activities through the age-old Reiki tradition. These chakra healing meditations are highly efficient in aligning the higher frequency energies with the chakra system, as well as, release of any stored negative energy for their purification.

Chakra meditationThe process of healing and balancing the chakras through the meditative processes is simple enough, and consist of the following few steps:

  • The first thing to do is to sit in a comfortable position on a chair, and then closing the eyes to concentrate upon the rhythm of breathing in a slow and deep manner.

  • Next, the practitioner must visualize the lowermost chakra, the Root Chakra, and a bright red ball that is spinning at its place in a clockwise position. This chakra serves as the connection between an individual and the Mother Earth, and freeing it up is essential to ground the body, and connect it with the earth’s core. Practitioners need to envision breathing in and out the red energy, and repeat this for 2-3 minutes.

  • Next, the focus should travel to the Sacral Chakra, and the practitioners must envision breathing in yellow, while breathing out orange for 2-3 minutes to heal this chakra. This will help in the chakra healing exercise to heal the second of the seven primary chakras.

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra comes next, and the exercise for this chakra is to include visualization of a bright yellow ball at the place of the chakra, spinning in clockwise direction. Deep breathing of yellow in and out for 2-3 minutes should assist the exercise.

  • The Heart Chakra comes next, and the exercise for this charka consists of focusing on a rapidly spinning bright green ball in the clockwise direction, while breathing in and out the color green for 2-3 minutes.

  • The chakra healing exercise next travels up to the first of the upper chakras, the Throat Chakra, and it consists of visualizing a rapidly spinning ball in the clockwise direction, which is of bright blue coloration. Envision breathing in and out the color blue, while visualizing the flow of the energy of the blue ball down both the arms can help in connecting with the inherent power of expression in a better manner.

  • The Third Eye Chakra is the one that comes next, and the practitioners need to shift their focus to the brow region, and envision an indigo chakra spinning in a rapid manner in the clockwise direction on the spot between the two eyebrows. They also need to envision breathing in and out indigo for 2-3 minutes, while trying to extend their inner vision towards the stars and beyond.

  • The Crown Chakra is the final one, and the exercise consists of visualizing a bright violet spinning ball, while envisioning to breath in and out violet for 2-3 minutes. Practitioners should also envision a violet flower blooming at the top of their head, and connecting their consciousness with the upper heaven.

  • The last step for the practitioners is to visualize divine energy flowing from the heaven through their chakra system down into Mother Earth, and then upwards in the reverse direction.



Gemstone Healing


Chakra gemstonesGemstone and crystals are ideal candidates for curing any disharmony in the energy patterns flowing through the chakras, and this is because of the orderly energy pattern that is inherent of them, which can function as a tuning fork to turn disharmonious energy pattern into harmonious ones. However, since any particular type of gemstone has a specific energy pattern, it means that each such gemstone will be ideal for taking care of disharmony of any particular chakra in the body. This means that people looking for chakra healing solutions by using gemstones ought to use specific ones for particular chakras that they intend to heal.



Laying of Stones


Lying of the stone in the correct manner is of utmost importance in order to ensure that the selected stone is able to function at it optimal level while correcting all the disharmonies present in the energy pattern of the targeted chakra. The first step is to select the stone, crystal, or gem which the users has opted for correcting their chakra related problems.

The important process to follow while acquiring any stones for the first time and after every chakra healing session is to clear them properly to get rid of all the impurities and negative influences, and efficiently purify them for future use. The most effective and popular ways to undergo this clearing process is to wash the concerned stones in sea water, or any other water that has salt dissolved in it, as well as, exposing it to the cleansing shine of the moonlight. Other clearing processes include burying the stones point down in the earth, blowing into the stone whilst holding it in the fist, or placing it under running cold water.

The users need to then relax and set the stones down at a place from where they would be able to access them without any great effort. Next, they must lie down on the floor in an extremely comfortable position; so that they can relax all along, the chakra healing process takes place. They can begin by asserting their unflinching attention towards the cleansing and healing process, and taking deep breaths that will help them to calm down and sharpen their focus. The users must decide whether to heal any one particular chakra, or multiples chakras at one go. If they wish to involve only a single chakra, then they need to focus upon that particular chakra. Similarly, if they intend to work with all their major chakras, they need to set their intention towards general healing of all the chakras.

Chakra StonesUsers then need to place the stone upon the chakra they intend to heal, and in case they are seeking to heal the entire chakra system, they must begin with either the first or the seventh chakra. Thus, they can begin with the Crown Chakra, and then move downwards, or with the Root Chakra to move up through the chakra system. The choice depends on what the users feel is right for them.

Users need to point the stone towards their feet if they start from the bottom, and conversely towards their head if they start at the top of the chakra system. Moreover, many exponents of the chakra healing process are fond of keeping the stones either above the head or below the feet of the practitioners. However, if at any time during the healing process, the users feel that the stones they are using are not right for them, or keeping rolling off the position where they have placed, then it is prudent that they go with their gut feeling, and remove the concerned stones if they feel the need for it. This is essential for making the chakra healing process a success.

Users need to give the stones sometime to clear all the chakras, and spend that time focusing upon each of the charkas. They can then remove the stones once they feel their chakras have healed, or if the stones start rolling off their places. The ideal way to round off this chakra healing process is to allow the awareness slowly to come back into the body, and then invigorating it with a glass of water and even a slice of fresh fruit. They can hope for their next few weeks to bring positive change to their mind and body.




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